Blanca Plata

The Evolution of a Vampire: Scary good airbrush techniques for the undead

A Class by Blanca Plata (USA, The Beneath haunted house)

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About this Class

With a small list of materials and only one airbrush system, you will learn to create two realistic undead scary vampire makeup looks perfect for Haunted Houses and individual clients. The skills you learn can also be applied to create other undead and terrifying Halloween effects.

Improve your airbrush technique and learn the secrets to realistic detail so that you can offer creepy, advanced looks to special high-end clients this season, like Haunted Houses, cosplayers, and more!

Materials used:

  • Gregs Airbrush XB1
  • Iwata airbrush Revolution CR
  • Iwata airbrush eclipse HP-BCS
  • Iwata airbrush HP-C plus
  • Global water based body art diluted: White
  • Skin Illustrator: vein tone; Completion cool tone ; Capillary
  • Proaiir hybrid makeup: Passion Reed; Raw rash; ST 50
  • Graftobian FX air: Black; Clear
  • 99 %alcohol
  • Ben Nye: FX tooth palette; Alcohol Patel activator
  • Airbrush splatter from Proaiir
  • Pointy fake nails
  • Doble nails tape
  • Dental Distortion: killer Klaus; Vampire teeth; Monster teeth
  • Thermo worx-Whitemorph
  • Heavy duty double tape
  • Cosmetic eye contacts
  • Distress Wedding dress

15 September 2023, 07:00 PM

07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

About The Instructors

Blanca Plata

Blanca Plata

USA, The Beneath haunted house

2013 Just for fun, started face painting; 2015 winning title best body paint of the northwest; Winning this title also 2016 and 2017; Multiple awards, publications, solo shows, and art shows since 1989; 30 years of experience with airbrush, now applicable on make-up.