Frida Haas

5 Bold Boy Designs to Blow Your Mind 🤯

A Class by Frida Haas (USA, Frida Haas Studios)

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About this Class

Ready to shake up your repertoire with some edgy new designs perfect for boys (or girls looking for something less traditional)? Frida Haas will focus on funky creatures and cool designs that are inspired by tattoos and graffiti, using bright colors. Frida’s designs are guaranteed to catch the eye of the cool kid who wants something out of the ordinary. Throughout the class, you'll master techniques such as color theory using the color wheel, strategic placement around the eyes, sponge work, and the art of applying split-cakes with a brush, as well as adding highlights and shading for depth. By the end of the session, you'll have a bold new set of designs to add to your portfolio, guaranteed to make a statement!

Materials used:


  • Small/Medium Filbert brush
  • #1 round liner brush
  • #3 Luxe swirl brush
  • ¾” flat brush
  • FAB Orange
  • FAB Yellow
  • FAB Blue
  • DfxWhite
  • Dfx Black
  • Global onestroke “ Sea Creatures”
  • Holographic White Glitter Cream

Angler Fish

  • ½” Filbert brush
  • #4 Round Brush, Mark Reid
  • #3 Luxe Swirl brush
  • ¾” Flat brush
  • Fab Seafoam green
  • Dfx light green
  • FAB blue
  • FAB yellow
  • Kraze “Hibiscus” onestroke from their flora palette.
  • Dfx black
  • Dfx White
  • Snake
  • Dfx light green
  • Global onstroke “Sea Creatures”
  • Fab orange
  • Fab magenta
  • Dfx White
  • Dfx Black


  • Sponge
  • #4 Mark Reid Round brush
  • #4 Filbert brush
  • ½” Filber brush
  • Dfx light green
  • Dfx blue
  • Fab red, rage
  • Fab yellow
  • Kraze onestroke “Hibiscus”, flora palette
  • Dfx black
  • Dfx White


  • ½ flat brush
  • #1 Round Brush
  • #3 luxe swirl brush
  • #4 filbert brush, blazing brush
  • White/yellow/orange/brown Onestroke, I have no idea the name, the label is gone.
  • Blue Bonnet Rainbow cake, I accidentally said Blue Bell in the video
  • Dfx black
  • Dfx White
  • Holographic gold glitter cream

16 May 2024, 07:00 PM

07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

About The Instructors

Frida Haas

Frida Haas

USA, Frida Haas Studios

BA Fine Arts graduate from University of Washington; Professional Face Painter and Body Artist; Face and body painting instructor