Dragana Jakovljevic

SERBIA, Gaga facepainting Beograd Full-time face painter in Belgrade Serbia; Winner of the Balkan Top Star competition in the creative makeup category; 450-day practice streak with a new design every day.

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My name is Dragana, and I’m better known as @gaga.facepainting on social networks. I’m 24 years old and I live and work in Belgrade, Serbia.

Face painting was my student job, an addition to the entertainment at the children's birthday.

The turning point in my life was winning the Balkan Top Star competition in the category of creative makeup - that's when I quit my permanent job in the office and decided to follow my dreams. I devote myself completely to face painting and learning new techniques, practicing new skills.

After that decision, for 450 days in a row, I practiced a new design every day.

I am a self-taught artist, but I owe my progress to colleagues who generously share their knowledge on the internet, and that is why it will be a special pleasure for me to share my knowledge with you at this Halloween summit and maybe motivate someone to follow their dreams and start working professionally the most beautiful and unusual art industry in the world - children's face painting.

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OTJ Kids Halloween Designs: Fun and simple designs that WOW

16 September 2023, 04:00 PM
Dragana Jakovljevic